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Introducing Connect+
The Future for Security and Smart Home

Our New Product

Our New Product
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Connect+ Alarm Devices
  • Standard Panel

  • Bluetooth Smart Radio

  • Transceiver

  • Ethernet Port

  • Simple, no tools Installation

Control panel
  • Bluetooth Smart RF connection

  • Full status reporting

  • E-link display

  • Innovative capacitive touch Interface

  • 1-year battery with consumer replaceable batteries  

Basic keypad
  • 7" factory-loaded application on standard Android tablet

  • Communicates with Connect+ over dedicated Wi-Fi link

  • Multiple HeliTouches supported by a single Wi-Fi expansion card

  • Provides local control of security and automation functionality

7" Touch screen
  • Transmits power at the full FCC limits, maximizing range

  • Support for external contact

  • 1-inch magnet gap

  • 6+ year battery life

  • Encrypted transmission

Door/window sensor
  • IR Sensor & signal processing

  • Pet immunity up to 80 lbs

  • Coverage range of 44' with 90 degree field of view

  • 6-8 year battery life

  • Encrypted transmission

Motion detector
  • Adjustable detection range (2m/5m)

  • Intelligent and SDMA logic provide stable detection, even outdoors with small animals

  • Horizontal adjustability

  • Encrypted transmission

Outdoor motion
  • Highly reliable smoke detector with a photoelectric and heat detection element

  • Built-in temporal 3 sounder

  • Long range transmitter

  • UL217 certified

  • Encrypted transmission

Smoke detector
  • 70-400ppm detection

  • Long range sensor and built-in temporal 4 sounder

  • Meets UL2034 specifications

  • Encrypted transmission

Carbon monoxide
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